All things are water

Mireia Andreu

Stage Director

Cecilia Aymí


Joan Bagès Rubí


Jaume Martínez


Length of show

1 hour



I find it odd to grow at a time when the instincts are canceled by the word and reasoning. I hear talk about progress and freedom and every day I feel losing a part of me and it's harder to move myself.I confess that I like the animal of man: when he sweats when he feels pleasure when he twists on itself when he eats and when he fucks when he fights even when he exhales his last breath .Everything is water is a show with two characters who drift their instincts to the limit and sink into the euphoria, the anxiety and pain, hatred and complicity, in life and death.Theatrical performance for an actress (Performer), singer (soprano), electronic music and visuals in real time.

Tot és aigua